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Dieser Artikel wurde exklusiv für das Fernbacher Jewish Music Research Center geschrieben und darf ausdrücklich und unter Strafandrohung nicht in anderen Projekten/Wikis verwandt werden.

AutorYno ist ein im Jahr 2008 in Paris gegründetes Trio, das Jazzrock mit harten Gitarrenriffs aus Grunge, Punk und Metalmusik sowie Elementen jüdischer Musik verbindet.

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"With their pastiche of jazz precision, punk rock fury, and heavy metal bombast, AutorYno sounds like a funky soundtrack to the apocalypse. Along the way, they tip their hats to klezmer music and Jewish culture, most notably with a “Traditional Hora” that sounds like what might happen if you hired Metallica to play at your wedding." [1]
"“Krakow” begins up an upbeat funk feel before it splits into something metalesque, but the guitar melody may reveal something culturally significant. Some of it is aligned with what Vernon Reid had done before and after Living Colour, where the guitars are free take off into solos of power while maintaining a level of structure. The rhythm section of Delorme and drummer Cyril Grimaud also maintains a solid basis, whether it’s in the Pat Metheny-esque airiness of “Irene And Sandy” to the piercing guitar work of “Warsaw” that may bring to some memories of Allan Holdsworth and his axe work." [2]
  • AutorYno hat zusammen mit der Band Abraxas auch einige Titel aus John Zorns Songbook Book of Angels Live performt. [3] [4]

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  1. Horas for Headbangers – Autoryno’s Pastrami Bagel Social Club
  3. AutorYno & Abraxas : "Adoyahel" - John Zorn 's Book of Angel - LIVE @Paul B
  4. AutorYno & Abraxas : "Nahuriel" - John Zorn 's Book of Angel - LIVE @Paul B

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