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Oh boy. According to your user page you are 19 and a communist. So you have missed communism in Germany and Eastern Europe 20 years ago. You should not believe what you are reading from German wikipedia. Communism is out in Germany, but the communist losers are still living - for exmple on German wp. Think about it and please: Don't believe such "facts" as above. Use your own brain and learn German. Otherwise you can never distingish the truth from the fakes. Regards (talk) 18:31, 27 November 2009 (UTC)
Auszug aus Please block and ban LKD. Bertram an Jimbo Wales
Ergänzung: Block him until his ears bleed!

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Hi, zu

gibts jetzt endlich die komplette Versionsgeschichte, bittesehr:

Man achte auf die 20 gaga-Beiträge vom Benutzer:Schreibvieh aka Pavel Richter. Gruss Mutter Erde ~~~~

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