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Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos

Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos (*22 January 1987 in Greece, District Drama, official name Stefanos Sidiropoulos) is a Greek writer and author of numerous writings, living in Germany. He is one of the few Greek authors in Germany who contributes literature and language education in ancient Greek. He is a draftsman and artist who brought in short time many artbooks on the international market.

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1 Biography

His father was an electrical engineer and served two years the Greek army. Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos was born on 22 January, in the year 1987. 1988 the family emigrated to Germany. Child and mother (a qualified secondary school graduates in Economics and Business Engineering) found themselves in a new country because the father finds by his father (an immigrant worker of first generation) a job in a large company. The family had no easy life in Germany because her Greek diplomas were not recognized by the authorities. But his parents have learned very quickly the German language, and have worked very hard, so that they can become to respectable taxpayers.

2 Work and Qualifications

In 2006 a FSJ (Voluntary-Social-Year, in german "Freiwilliges-Soziales-Jahr) was completed. In 2007, he earned a degree at the DAA (German Employee Academy, to german "Deutsche Angestelltenakademie) where he spent many months working as a locksmith. September.2009 followed a recording to the Kolping-Academic of Stuttgart (in german "Kolping-Bildungswerk Stuttgart") where he was qualified for the high-school diploma. From 2008 to 2014 he was worked as a contract-worker in Catherine's Hospital (to german Katharina-Hospital) in warehouse and logistics. After that he works as a dishwasher in the same Hospital.

3 Born with ADHD

In his childhood he was diagnosed with a dysregulation in his brain where called ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Because of his ADHD, he visited seven different schools to make his graduation on 2004 (in age of 18 years). He was under the therapy by Dipl. Psychologist Cordula Neuhaus who is skilled as expert in the ADD/ADHD phenomenon and technical expert in the field of therapy with children, youth and adults with ADHD. She has found that he possessed special skills; in analytical thinking and a self-learning of various subjects for example in philosophy, theology and theory.

3.1 Meaning and Person

Between 1997 and 1998, a project was started who was invented by Mrs. Cordula Neuhaus. The project had the task for children with ADHD, to bring them an easy way in the classroom and to better know to use their ability of "learning" and to focus to the learning material. The project called "Mini-Emergency-School" (to german "Mini-Not-Schule"). The writer, was chosen as a child as volunteers for the studies and research, that will bring important results for the next generation of Children with ADHD. This means that the writer was the first subject of this important project. He was taken a half a year along with various tests and tasks. The results and statistics were perfected and used for new subjects. Many years passed where the statistics confirmed important documents, for the therapeutic treatment of children with ADHD. This project was unique in all of Germany. And the development was so good of facts with these statistics, that even a school was created. The school are in Germany Esslingen, and has the name "Private school for children and adolescents with ADHD" (to german "Privatgymnasium für Kinder und Jugendliche mit ADHS"). The writer was the first prototype which was tested by this project.

4 Exertion

4.1 The word "homophobia"

In his book Traditional Ancient Greek (german title "Traditionelles Altgriechisch") represents the writer his conviction, that the word "homophobia" is a (expression by the author) "word chimera". A word that is misused for political and ideological purposes. On eleven pages, the author bases his thesis with empirical evidence from the H.G. Liddell - R. Scott and from Greek sources, that today the consensus of the word "homophobia" are extremely in contradiction with the culture associated philological meaning. The reason is the ignorance of many philologists who do not tell the public what is the correct meaning of the word. So the author writes on page 306 in his book:

  • Homo

1. Definition = ὅμοιος (οι = "i"-sound, so the word will pronounced as "omios" when the traditional basic language be considered). The Meaning: (conjunction) as, similarly, the same (so of the sources by Liddell Scott)

2. Definition = ὁμοῦ (οῦ = "u"-sound, so is the word pronounced as "omu", if the traditional basic language is considered too). The Meaning: something that stands next to something, the next person (Love your neighbor as you love yourself), being together at the same place (so to Μ.Π. Πελέκης: ΛΕΞΙΚΟ ΑΡΧΑΙΑΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ)

3. Definition = HOMO / homo = in Latin "man" (the male human), philosophically and scientifically, it is used in composite terms which are intended to express the essence of humanity. As an example, as "homo sapiens" = is a common as zoology name for the human species - or even; "Homo economicus" = the human as rational individual who maximizes his own benefit (so after the Declaration in Heinrich Schmidt's Philosophical Dictionary v. Alfred Kröner Publisher).

  • Phobie

φόβος ("phowos" in the traditional language). Meaning: anxiety, fear.

Result of research The philological correct definition of the word "homophobia" is;

  • Fear of everything what is equal.
  • Fear of his neighbor
  • human fear
  • Fear of everything what is made to be equal
  • Fear of charity
  • Fear of living together with the same sex or with other humans that are alike

4.2 Combating of promoting of pedophilia

On his Youtube channel, he documents a study of the work of the sex educators of the german NRW Pro Familia with the book title "love, cuddle, hug" (to german "lieben, kuscheln, schmusen"). With comprehensible arguments and critical text analysis, he has started a systematic analysis against promotions of pedophilia, which are written in this book of the Pro Familia NRW Link. The writer has also written a book. A book with the title: "The Elegy of the raped Children: A theory about the dark secrets of pedophiles". The writer wrote this book, only for the police, child protection organizations, for parents and for the public. He tries to explain in his book (with evidence and supporting documents) why pedophilia deserves no tolerance Here the article by Live Press. His book is published worldwide.

5 Books

  • Stoizismus : Weltbild der berühmtesten Schule des antiken Griechenland Berlin : Epubli GmbH, 17. Juni 2015, ISBN 978-3-7375-5343-8 Non-Fiction (German).
  • Traditionelles Altgriechisch: Nachschlagewerk für Anfänger, Schüler und Studenten Norderstedt : Books on Demand, 20. August 2015, ISBN 978-3-7347-2987-4 Non-Fiction (German).
  • The Elegy of the raped Children: A theory about the dark secrets of pedophiles USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 18. Oktober 2015, ISBN 978-1516984527 Non-Fiction (English).
  • Akzeptanz und sexuelle Vielfalt: Deutschland und sein faschistischer Sozialismus USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 21. Oktober 2015, ISBN 978-1518715334 Non-Fiction (German).
  • Das Buch der Skriptoren: Askese zwischen Lesen und Schreiben Norderstedt : Books on Demand, 23. Oktober 2015, ISBN 978-3-7386-5939-9 Non-Fiction (German).
  • Die Kadaver der Wissenschaft: Gegen die Macht der Giganten Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 7. Dezember 2015, ISBN 978-3-7347-7149-1 Roman à clef (German).
  • Mit Schirm, Charme und ADHS: Der radikale Ratgeber für Jugendliche und Erwachsene mit ADHS - Ein Statement für die Öffentlichkeit Norderstedt: TWENTYSIX, 18. Mai 2016, ISBN: 978-3-7407-1276-1 Sachbuch.

6 Art Books

  • The Skriptor and the Demons Underworld USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 10.Jul 2015, ISBN 978-1514615096 Art Books (English).
  • Humanity and Nature USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 16.Aug 2015, ISBN 9781516909643 Art Books (English).
  • The Souls of War USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 24.Aug 2015, ISBN 978-1517005870 Art Books (English).
  • Real Graffiti Shit USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 26.Sep 2015, ISBN 978-1517508005 Art Books (English).
  • Real Graffiti Shit Vol. 2 USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 06.Dez 2015, ISBN 978-1519471123 Art Books (English).
  • Untouchable USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 03.Jan 2016, ISBN 978-1523218721 Art Books (English).
  • Workbench Script SS 2015 USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 05.Jan 2016, ISBN 9781523234189 Art Books (English).
  • Unantastbare Schönheit: Die moderne europäische Hentai-Renaissance Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 03.Feb 2016, ISBN 978-3-7392-3643-8 Art Books (German).
  • Real Graffiti Shit Vol. 3 USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 01.Mär. 2016, ISBN 9781530317516 Art Books (English).
  • Book of Graffiti USA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 05.Mär. 2016, ISBN 9781530356416 Art Books (English).

7 Literature and sources

7.1 Search about the person

7.2 Biographical Literature

  • Traditionelles Altgriechisch ISBN 978-3-7347-2987-4 on book page 331 under the chapter "Who is the writer?" to German; "Wer ist der Schriftsteller?" (german source)

7.3 Diverse Articles (Online)

(All articles in German)

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